Termite control - Post-construction

Post-construction Termite treatment

Once the building has become infested with termites, it is often difficult and expensive to apply effective control measures. Therefore, the post-construction treatment often requires expertise and equipments. Apart from several precautionary measures, drilling the floor along with walls by using mechanically operated drills. Spraying the infested wooden structures and applying insecticides to the perimeter of the building are usually carried out, along with fumigation if necessary. The purpose of this is to establish a chemical barrier of treated soil through which the termites cannot move and infest the building. The steps involved in the pre-construction treatment of termites are:

1. The first and foremost step taken to destroy a post construction termite infestation is by treating the walls and the floor junctions. In this step, holes of suitable length are drilled deep into the inner junction of the walls and the floors. Then the termiticide solution is injected under pressure into those holes, in order to create barriers against the termites. The same procedure will be applied to cure the infestation in the other floors above the ground floor.

2. The second step completely deals with the infestation in the wooden attachments. This step too requires drilling holes under the wooden fixtures, such as window frames and door frames, and then the termiticide solution will be drilled into those holes. Even an oil based termiticide will be sprayed all over the wooden attachments that are infested by termites. The pest control services also provide a termite preventive treatment to the other wooden attachments in the home, which aren’t infested but might might get infested soon.

3. The third treatment deals with the mud tunnels made by the termites. In this case, first a termiticide solution is sprayed all over the mud tunnels in order to control their movement, and then the mud tunnels are destroyed or removed, and then the infested area will be treated with other termiticide.

4. The fourth and the final treatment deals with treating the surrounding foundation. In this step, holes are drilled along the external walls of the building at a depth of 1feet and then a termiticide solution is injected. After the chemical is injected, the holes are sealed in order to create a barrier to kill the termites. And if your home has a beautiful garden, then the treatment will be carried out to the soil that is in direct contact with the building.